Gift certificates for relationship marketing

DebitTab helps you
Offer digital gift certificates, get new customers and increased revenue.
Get new customers, free
Businesses, from realtors to roofers, select your gift certificates and issue them as gifts for their own clients or employees. You are paid your full list price the moment the gift certificate is redeemed.
DebitTab is super easy by design. No app or dedicated device is required. Any smartphone or tablet will do the job of accepting payments. Simply scan the QR code and confirm.

Our system integrates easily with POS systems, and you will have a dashboard to instantly view your funds received.

We provide an easy to use training module so new hires can quickly and easily learn to capture payments on your behalf.

Unlike gift cards
DebitTab gives you the ability to add certain restrictions that we call guardrails.

Guardrails could include clauses that help you run your business more efficiently. Examples include "Weekends only", "Requires two days advance notice", "Present before ordering", or "Valid for labour charges only".

Discounts generate more business
You can optionally give issuers a discount to face-value, encouraging them to give out your products.

Consider it a marketing expense and watch the new customers stream in.

Stress-free payment
You will receive a cheque or e-transfer from us up to twice a month.

Get in touch with us for more details.

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