Gift certificates for relationship marketing

A game changer
Instead of giving Starbucks, Amazon or Best Buy gift cards, DebitTab gives you access to gift certificates of local vendors.

You will get incomparably better value and efficiency from using DebitTab as a part of your overall marketing strategy. 
Pay only if used
Because a DebitTab voucher isn't a gift card it's allowed to have an expiry date. If the voucher doesn't get used you don't have to pay for it.

We'll provide you a dashboard so you always know how much you're on the hook for.

Gift cards can never legally expire, but DebitTab vouchers have an expiry date that ranges from 30 to 90 days. Some vouchers may also have limit clauses on their use.

Give a little, get a lot
Relationship marketing is one of the most cost effective methods to grow your business.

Whether retaining existing customers, acquiring new ones it all adds up to high rates of repeat and referral business. 
Keep it local
By patronizing services of local vendors you get to double up on the value of your gift giving expense. Beyond the person who received your gift certificate, you are also building relationships with other local businesses. Let’s face it, it's unlikely that Starbucks or Amazon will remember you!
Create urgency
Expiry creates urgency and helps keep you top-of-mind. You will have the ability to see if or when your voucher was redeemed allowing you the option to follow up about the experience. This provides you yet another opportunity for relationship building not available with all other gift cards and certificates.
Better than gift-cards
DebitTab certificates can be printed, sent digitally, or loaded onto a card at any time, so you don't have to tie up funds in a drawer full of gift cards.

You can issue DebitTab gift certificates on-the-fly so this saves you from having to rush out last minute to buy gift cards.
A discount to face value
Our vendors are encouraged to offer their products to you at a discount to face value in exchange for the promotional value of your referring customers to them.
Reasonable fees
Assuming a voucher does get used you pay 9% of the face value as an all-inclusive service fee.

*Taxes (on the service fee only) may apply depending on the location of your business.

Stress-free payment
Save on processing fees by loading credit into your account by e-transfer, cheque, or online banking; no credit card required.
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